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In the summer of 2009, Nicolas Rapp decided to take a break from his Art Director job at The Associated Press to attempt a one-year overland travel around the world in a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser. He was back in New York in February 2011 after traveling 15 months and 37,000 miles.

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  • Crossing Argentina, en route to Buenos Aires

    Posted on March 19th, 2010 Nicolas 70 comments
    Here's what I needed – Diner in Mendoza

    Here's what I needed – Diner in Mendoza

    Argentina was very different compared to the countries we have been crossing in the last months. Suddenly, we found ourselves back in a place that measures more with Europe or the United States than with its close neighbors.

    After some interesting landscapes in the north, the desert will soon unroll its monotonous background

    After some interesting landscapes in the north, the desert will soon unroll its monotonous background

    There, in rural area, bush camping is never a problem, roads are straight and in good shape, we were back in flat ground, close to see level, and food was abundant, diversified, and close to European standards.

    Flat land in the north

    Flat land in the north

    Prices are higher than we are used too, notably gas, at US$3.6 a gallon. Most of the nights, we are opening our tent in gas station parkings, where it is always allowed to camp, and where you get showers (with hot water! I forgot it existed) and most of the time Internet access.

    Yes we can – sleep anywhere

    Yes we can – sleep anywhere

    After we passed the border, we continued to drive south. We would first visit San Juan and Mendoza, the heart of the wine country, a thousand kilometers south of the Bolivian border. From there, we would go full east, and drive another thousand kilometers to Buenos Aires.

    Buying fruits in San Juan

    Buying fruits in San Juan

    The roads are easy, the landscape around dry as a desert. One can drive there and not have to turn for 200 kilometers. The long drive was monotonous and we were counting miles between towns. For the first time since we left New York, I tried one of the recorded books I had on my iPod.

    Driving across the vines, close to Mendoza, Argentina

    Driving across the vines, close to Mendoza, Argentina

    In few words, the adventure – for now – was on hold. Nothing to worry about on the road. What a change after all these the last months. But I was doing my best to enjoy this quiet time before my next destination. Africa.

    Nadia at a cafe in San Juan. Soon to go to Brazil

    Nadia at a cafe in San Juan. Soon to go to Brazil

    Nadia will spend few days in Buenos Aires with me, and will then take a flight to Brazil to spend a little bit of time there. Then she will go back to Paris where some work awaits her. It will be though to see her go, as she was a great travel companion in the four months it took us to go from New York City to Buenos Aires. But she is dreaming of the Brazilian beaches, and needs to make some cash for future adventures.
    So good-bye Nadia, and don’t forget about the Trans World!

    Park in Mendoza

    Park in Mendoza

    These long roads let you a lot of time to think, so I take advantage of it to lay down what’s coming up for me (and you guys).
    In few days, I will be in Buenos Aires. There, I will find an apartment to stay during the three weeks my truck will be sailing to South Africa. My parents will come visit me during this time, as I didn’t see them in a while. I will try to expedite first the shipping details for the vehicle, and I am still trying to lower the cost of this necessary step. So far, I received quotes of around US$2,500 not including port fees in Africa. The most likely destination is Durban.

    The oldest market in Mendoza

    The oldest market in Mendoza

    Then, there will be an important change in my plans. The route I am following always have been changing, little by little, and – for example – I decided recently to skip Chile because of the problems the country is facing (February 27 earthquake). But this time, it will be a bigger change. I initially planned to follow the west coast of Africa, go north to Europe, and then east through the middle-east. I am now decided to try the eastern African route.

    A new route

    A new route (Google map)

    Start from South Africa, and up through Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan. From there, the plan is to ship the truck to Saudi Arabia, continue through Jordan, Syria and finally arrive in Turkey.
    A break there should allow me to get a visa for Iran and India after which I will be back on the road. But this is far away, and there can, and probably will, be additional changes.
    It is sad to skip Europe of course, especially for me, as there will not be a stop in France, my home country. But there are many difficulties on the west coast of Africa, and getting visas could become a headache. I would also save some precious money since gas prices are so high in Europe, and the shortcut I will be taking would probably save me a month of road. As always, you have to make some choices, and I will give this route a try.

    Spending time in outside cafes is a must in Argentina

    Spending time in outside cafes is a must in Argentina

    But back on our quiet adventures in Argentina. Eventually we made it first in San Juan, where we took care of laundry and spent time in outside cafes observing the population and walking in the small city, similar to a provincial town in France. People here take at least three-hours break in the middle of the day, and shops reopen around 4:30 p.m., so you have to plan your day according to this schedule.

    The famous Argentinean grape

    The famous Argentinean grape

    250 kilometers later, we were in Mendoza and walked across the city before trying a meat restaurant, called a “Parilla”. A Parilla is basically a barbecue, and is an essential part of the life in Argentina. Meat is served with no sides, except if you especially request it. Not a paradise for vegetarians to say the least.
    If you happen to be around there, try Arturito, you will not regret it. (not in guidebooks, cheap, intersection Las Heras and Chile)

    The Mendoza central –and oldest – market

    The Mendoza central –and oldest – market

    12_jams_squareThe following day, we continued our exploration of the city after a noisy night in front of a gas station. We visited the central market, the oldest of the city. There we got meat and cheese for the days to come. Argentineans don’t have a great markets culture, and those are rather small, even in big cities. We walked around the town, and visited some of the many parks peppering the charming town.

    The Familia Cecchin tasting room

    The Familia Cecchin tasting room

    Then we were off to visit a winery, and of course do some wine tasting. We chose to begin our visits by a medium-sized bodega, the Familia Cecchin. We tried to get them to let us sleep there, but with no success. This is always the problem with touristic area. People don’t understand why you want to sleep at their place for free when there is a camping not far from there!

    Trying to find a nice place to sleep, as always

    Trying to find a nice place to sleep, as always

    And at the end, we had to do like everybody in a civilized country, go to a camping. And down there, it was almost American prices at US$10.

    A bigger and more industrial bodega, the Familia Zuccardi

    A bigger and more industrial bodega, the Familia Zuccardi

    But it was quieter than in the gas stations we slept at in the few last days. In the morning, we were well rested, and drove to one of the biggest winery around, the bodega Zuccardi, famous for their Santa Rosa wines.

    Tasting wine, bodega Zuccard

    Tasting wine, bodega Zuccard

    We were back on the road. And this time, I drove east. From New York, I have been going south all the time. It is now time to go around the globe, if I want to be done with this trip before my fifties. Next stop, Buenos Aires!

    En route to Buenos Aires

    En route to Buenos Aires

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70 Responses to “Crossing Argentina, en route to Buenos Aires”

  1. Bye, Nadia. It feels like a friend is leaving us all. Nick, enjoy your visit with your family and I will be anxious to continue across the ocean!

  2. Found this a few days ago and it makes wish I was there. Great pictures and information!! If you happen to come near Roanoke, VA on your way home please send me an email. You would be welcome to camp out and get a HOT shower!!! Enjoy your visit!!



  4. Hi Nick! I lived in Buenos Aires for 1.5 years and am looking at returning. It’s s great city and you’ll find that it feels a bit like Paris and NYC all in one. Great food, vibrant city with European architecture. While you’re in Argentina you should try their ice cream — more like gelato — and the dulce de leche. Also, provaleta is a must have. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the empanadas.

    Yep, it’s about the food for me. What can I say? I’m a passionate food blogger. LOL

    Can’t wait to read about your adventure in Buenos Aires!

  5. Nick, I have been following your story since last October. I am enjoying your stories, i know you are going to miss Nadia. Continue to enjoy your trip and i look forward to all future blogs.

  6. I am so sorry your leaving Nadia. You will be missed by Nick and the audience. I look forward to reading the blog twice a week. I look every night just to see if I missed one. I got worried cause it has been about a week. Have a great time in Paris Nadia.

  7. I have been following your trip from New York. What an adventure! I anxiously await each post and am enjoying all your exploits. Goodbye Nadia have a safe journey. You will be missed. Nick good luck to you on your continuing expedition. I am sure you will have great stories to tell.

  8. man now your the one man wonder uncle nick stand strong were with you, we haven’t forgotten you yet lol i will try to keep in touch…

  9. Hey Nick!
    Hope you are fine. I’m a photographer at National Geographic Brazil, I live in Sao Paulo, anything you need, let me know, I am a very experienced driver in this huge country. If you need a place to stay, please, feel comfortable to come, you are welcome.
    Good Luck and have a nice trip.
    Best Regards.
    Izan Petterle
    skype: izansan

  10. sharat reddy (Jay)

    Hello Nick!
    How are you and Nadia? Remember me, I am the guy that bought your Mercedes. I hope all is well with you and have a wonderful and successful expedition. Will see you in New York.
    Good Luck and God Speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hey Nick!
    check this website: These guys are crossing Africa in a Land Rover, it seems that you are doing to do the same way, he has relevant information about how do this. I have noticed that you are shipping you Land Cruiser from Buenos Aires to South Africa.

  12. I have been “following” this Expedition the whole way. I just now figured out how to comment. ;) Nick, if one of your expeditions ever takes you through Central Ohio, stop by.

  13. Nadia I will miss you so much, loved you on this trip- man this is a bummer for sure

  14. Hey Guys, Sorry to see you leave Nadia. You all are doing what all of us wish we could be doing. I have become hooked and I check you site daily to see if I too missed something. i recently started watching the movie “Long Way Round” about two guys that ride BMW motorcycles around the world. Their trip was amazing. I’m will continue to follow your trip only wishing I was with you. Have fun, and be cautious.

  15. Hey Nick,
    Just sent you another $25 via Pay Pal. It is so easy…..everyone should try!!

    Anyway, I have very strict instructions regarding this donation. Buy a bottle of dry red wine and drink it all enjoying the fine food of Argentina!

    Safe travels,

  16. Hey Nick and Nadia, just wanted to say congrats on your continued progress. And also chastise you for the wanderlust your travels have ignited in my heart. I’m afraid I’ll have to do something like this sooner rather than later, and I blame you. :) . Just kidding of course. Safe travels and many well wishes, Michael from Kansas. (Now in Wallkill, NY.)

  17. Hello Nick,

    Just got done reading about your trip…exciting to say the least! It cought my attention primarily because of the Landcruiser…I have one the same color, only mine is a ’93. Love it! I’ll keep track of your travels to see how the Toyota does. I’ve taken mine to Mexico a couple of times and no problems at all.
    I’m wondering if you’re planning on sticking around for the world cup in South Africa in June? That should be a good story! Best of luck and safe travels…and I’ll be on the look out for further postings!

    Roy Garcia

  18. Harvey (Naples, FL)

    Hi Nick,

    Glad to see you’re taking a 3 week break in civilization before continuing on the next third of your adventure. A battery recharge is just what the doctor ordered. This next leg should prove much different without your traveling companion. The world views a young struggling couple much different than a single guy. Should be interesting and different.

    I’ve noticed a few of the comments have of included statements that they are 1st time admirers. Now that the second full page article you wrote has been released world wide (Today’s Travel Section of the Naples Daily News) you should be getting even more followers. I’ve attached a few links to past articles about your trip to aid in catch up reading for the new recruits.

    Good luck and Keep on Truckin’


  19. Simply amazing. Have been with you the whole way brother. I’ll buy you a hundred drinks in Williamsburg, Brooklyn when you return. Go get em’.


  20. Well I just read about your adventure in the Arizona Daily star. I am so envious. By the way, why are you not involved with that beatiful women you are traveling with. Wow, you must have great will power!!!

  21. Nick,
    I have been following your trip.
    Thank you for all the pictures and concise descriptions of all the adventures and sites along the way.
    Perhaps you can get some special permission to enter Gaza and travel over to Israel.
    You may find that interesting and your reports could help shed some light on the politics there.

  22. Just wondering why you are missing egypt?

  23. Harvey (Naples)

    Trish… Have you ever been to Egypt? If so you probably would have never asked that question. The place is frozen in the 7th century and they’re very happy to be there. Others chime in with your thoughts… pro or con… please.

  24. Hey Nick:
    I am from Buenos Aires , Argentina, but I ‘m Usa citizen since 2003,
    I read an articule of your trip in the newspaper last sunday ( I’am in connecticut ).
    I loved it!!!! I hope You fall in love with the people, I think they are Great and very friendly…. the wine and the steak!!!!
    I’ ll wish You good luck!!!!!


  25. Nick, I saw an article in the Chattanooga Times (TN) yesterday in the travel section about you and it listed your website. I stayed up til about 2 am this morning reading your travel journals and by the time I finished I felt as if I were right along with you and Nadia. I bet Nadia hated to leave this journey of a life-time. I envy you and look forward to reading about each and every mile you travel. Good luck and stay safe. Enjoy each day to the fullest. I’ll be checking each day for up-dates from you. God Bless!

  26. No, haven’t been there..just was looking forward to his pictures of the pyramids

  27. Hope this message finds ya’ll SAFE & in good health!! I just read article in DE’s News Journal & am truly impressed with what the two of you are undertaking!! I don’t think I got the stones to attempt it. If ya’ll happen to ever be so lost that you end up in Hockessin Delawere or Avondale PA. Do look me up! I would love to sit and just listen to your storys.
    Shiny side up and GOD BLESS THE BOTH OF YOU!!!!!

  28. I love your blog! I stumbled across it right at the start and have read every entry…I’ve always had a good strong bit of wanderlust, but it’s definitely getting stronger by reading your adventures.

    It’s very sad to see Nadia go! Are you going to be without any partners in crime for the rest of your journey?

    Godspeed and stay safe! I look forward to many more adventures!



    PS…If you pass through San Francisco, please let me know…I would love to meet and you’d have a hot shower and food for sure!

  29. damn world boy you are about ready for Africa, remember me? joe from bama, hell i been jail again ,long time this time too,damn womne, so you lady friend is leaving uh? sorry to hear that will be some cold nights ahead. Jail sucks but free food and a place to sleep. damn 4 months time goes fast, good world boy, i will try and stay out of jail and keep up with you.later joe from bama

  30. Nadia, you are leaving the adventure!? “Don’t cry for Nadia Argentina” Well, I hope you continue to have fun in what ever you do. Hey Nick I join Ken on his invitation for drinks in Williamsburgh. I suggest Brooklyn Brewery. We should have a block party for you.

  31. Nadia, may you have more wonderful adventures. Nicolas, safe travels alone. I read a quote about Africa that might be meaningful to you … something to the effect that once you set your feet on Africa’s soil, Africa is in your heart forever. I’m really enjoying all your postings about your trip! You are a brave man.

  32. Nick,

    Glad to see you are doing great! Was worried a bit when i didn’t see any of your posts in over a week! I love checking your website everyday to see if you have arrived at a new destination! Thanks for sharing with the whole world this beautiful expedition. Have fun and enjoy the time with your family!

    Nadia, hate to see you leave, may you have a wonderful time in Paris and good luck in your new post.

    Take care and may you continue to have a safe trip.


  33. Hi Nick! I’ve been following your blogs ever since you were posted on I think that was back in October. Anyways, I love following your blogs about the places you’ve been going to. I specially love that place, Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia. I never knew that kind of place existed. Amazing!

    I’m sorry to hear that Nadia is leaving. I know she was a great help specially when you had car trouble. But that was her plan all along. I was wishing she would change her mind. Anyways, I wish her good luck on all her future endeavors.

    For the rest of your adventures…That’s too bad you won’t be able to visit Europe but I see your point. I look forward to reading your future blogs about Africa. After I read your newest blog, I use Google Earth to track where you are. Wow, I’m learning a lot about Geography. Hehehe!

    AIDA commented TransWorld would be a great show on TV. I agree 100%. I got addicted on reading your blogs as I visit your site everyday looking for new blogs. I feel like I am traveling the world through your blogs. It’s fascinating!

    Good luck and have a safe journey!
    I hope you enjoy your break in Buenos Aires.

  34. Marti-Nashville, TN

    Hello Nick! So glad you are going to be able to visit with your family and rest up for the rest of your adventure. I’ve been on a mission lately too, I’m trying to help a 58 yr old friend find her birth mom and half sisters. It has also been very exciting and hope to end our journey before you do. The excitement you feel every day on what’s ahead has given me more appreciation of what you are doing for yourself and the readers. Our journey right now has only involved four states and two countries. Your articles and the people that write are a real escape for me when I’m not helping with the search or waiting for results. :)

    Marti-Nashville, TN

  35. Hey Nick, Haven’t seen a post on your blog for a while. Hope you’re ok, man. Been following you since December, ’09. Two things about your blog are significant questions; First, although you seem to have not done so yourself, why do you expect other people to contribute financially to your dream trip, and will you do the same for us? Second, why do you not extend the courtesy of personally replying to some of your supporters on your blog, or is it simply the reputed rudeness of the French?

  36. Marti-Nashville, TN

    Dogleg Right–Obviously you haven’t read all of the blogs. Nick does respond personally to the blog. You know Nick hasn’t ask YOU for a dime. How about keeping your crass ass quiet. No one has ask to to write or read this blog!

    Where are you from that you have learned the rudeness you have expressed? No never mind we don’t care!

    Ms. Marti-Nashville

  37. Hope this is not a duplicate, last post must not have gone through…

    My missing post was basically that Nick you are a mad man, most US tourists won’t even go to Tijuana anymore and your drive right through Columbia. Write a book when you are done, there are too few, good “current” adventure reads out there. Hope that you and the vehicle make it. My only trip comment and it comes with an admitted lack of travel knowledge regarding the Middle East other than some concerning stories I have read in the news, is that I would look for an alternative to driving through Iran, but I am sure you have thought it through. Looking forward to the next post.

  38. You can’t imagine how much I enjoy your postings. I had no idea the terrain in some of the South American countries was so bleak or alternatively, so beautiful. I have been following you right from the start. Your pictures and your comments are great. I crossed fingers for you as you traveled through Mexico and Central America, and I will do so again as you travel through Iran. All the best – jan

  39. Dear Dogleg,
    I read all the comments people are writing in this blog, but often much later since I usually don’t have a stable internet connection, and I use the precious time in internet cafes to upload pictures and text. I need people to know they are not wasting their time when they write here, as I am always taking advises and ideas into consideration. I also receive a lot of emails and trying to reply, but I receive so much, some wait for answers since November!
    Until I arrived in Buenos Aires, most of the comments were published by my friend Sergio in NY, since he has a way better access to the internet than I do.
    I have a donation button so it helps me with the trip as well as with hosting this site and pay for internet connection. I like to think that when people donate, it is like they pay me a drink in exchange of the work I do to gather some information some may find useful when they will – I hope – do a similar trip than mine.

  40. Hi Nick! I am a teacher and have had my students following you since October! They LOVE it! We are placing stickers on a globe as you move from country to country and learning so much about the world. Thank you for sharing this with us – they are always excited and worried about you! Your story would make a wonderful book or movie!! It makes me wish I was with you!

  41. Glad to read that Argentina treated you well. I was born in Cordoba but moved to the States at a young age. People aren’t very aware of what Argentina is really like. Little do they realize that it is so European. Thanks for your blog and I look forward to reading about Buenos Aires. I am currently living in Russia so if the Motherland is on your agenda stop on by!!!

  42. Gloria Siqueiros

    Hi Nick, I really enjoyed reading your travel aventures. I love the photos. I am from Mexico and I’m glad you had a good experience there. Considering everything that is going on over there. Do not pay too much attention to Dogleg. You are always going to encounter people like that. I traveled to different countries, know people from different nationalities, there is good and bad people everywhere. I am really waiting for your next blog. Best wishes!

  43. Thanks for the personal reply, Nicholas. It is great to see a wonderful adventurer acknowledge his fans personally at last in the midst of the adventure! No kidding. Using the modern technology to enhance a modern adventure! Nice touch. But it seems like you didn’t budget for internet connections for places along your route around the world to keep you in touch with your fans. Reid Stowe did that, you know.

    I’ve read almost every word that you’ve posted in your blog since the beginning. I log on here nearly every day, I read your progress, (spotty reports) and pray for your safety and contentment. I’m so enthused about someone who has decided to follow his dream and independently embark on an expedition on his own. Like Admiral Byrd or Charles Lindberg, or Amelia Earhart, Jessica Watson, or Reid Stowe. To the extent possible, fully planned, fully thought out, fully sponsored by respected commercial entities. Years of thought. We owe them our respect.

    But you tell us that you aren’t that, really. Honestly, you aren’t that kind of adventurer or doing anything like what they did, my friend are you? You are just a camper without enough money to finish the trip. You want handouts along the way. You’re saying, “Buy Me Gasoline.” “Donate” “So I Can Continue To Drive Around The World.” On your homepage, no less. What does that say about the integrity of your voyage? It’s YOUR dream, my friend. A long, long automobile drive. I wish you great luck and smooth passage. Your blog is entertaining. Your route is intriguing. Your stopover adventures are exotic. Your overall vision for the voyage is admirable. But your foresight, travel sophistication, and detail planning seem to be dismal. I have some dream trips of my own that I don’t expect you to chip in for, and there are lots of blogs on camping trips that have planning advice you could use. No kidding.

    So far, your treatment of those who would drop a few dollars into your hat has been just rude, except for your four or five blog entries per month in return for their generosity. I won’t donate yet just because you seem to demand it, and those who donate, you don’t recognize. Rude.

    (To Ms Marti-Nashville, Those remarks I made earlier were not addressing you, so I’m at a loss as to why you decided you need to speak on behalf of Mr Rapp. He’s all grown-up and can clearly take care of himself, and neither Nick nor I is particularly interested in your vapid meddling nor ill-informed opinion, however ‘crassly’ you deliver it, nor the manner in which you want to advise ways to communicate directly and bluntly between Nick and me. Thanks for understanding this point… BTW, you had a number of grammar and spelling errors in your unsolicited rant.)

    However, for Nick, there is still this message prominently displayed on the homepage of this blog that says, “Buy me Gasoline. Donate. So I can continue to drive around the world…” Wow. That’s remarkable and tells me that the dream trip of this stranger hasn’t been well planned. Now, I may have a dream trip or two also, but I fund it myself before I go, and don’t beg strangers for money for normal traveling expenses. That’s what you, Mr. Rapp should understand…that some of us consider that panhandling. If you don’t have the resources to fund your dream trip, the normal way is to line up sponsors ahead of time, not panhandle along the way.
    And if folks let loose of their hard-earned cash, you need to acknowledge it. That’s the way we do it in a gracious society.

  44. Alejandro (Alias Doglegg according to IP address)

    Reply to Gloria Siqueiros,
    Dear Gloria, If you are really from our homeland, Mexico, then I implore you to listen to voices like Dogleg. Do not accept that we should not criticize and explore better ways. Dogleg has things to say that do not simply tear down, but also to build up stronger. You of all people should understand the nature of constructive criticism and frank discussion. Recognize the strong, but also recognize the weak and make it better. Yes?



    There’s a list of people who have donated, which they did under no obligation.

    Oh, and here’s a list of the money he’s budgeted.

    If you don’t want to donate Dogleg, don’t.

  46. No matter what some people say, I am enjoying your adventures Nick. So what, that You are asking for donations—-they have the right to not donate. Forget about that and continue on your way. Most of us are living our life’s adventures threw you right now. You are on a trip of a lifetime and most of us will never get to do what you are doing. I’m proud to follow you and be able to see the world threw your eyes. Some people will always be critical in one way or another, and you just have to learn to move on and not let one person get you down. Godspeed my friend :) Stay safe and I will continue to be anxiously awaiting your next post.

  47. Let me know if you would like to make your trip out to Nepal. I could help for the arrangements there in Nepal.

  48. In reference to Dogleg Right comments

    What a douchebag…

  49. You seem to be having a whole bunch of fun. My class have still been looking at your website. But not as often as before. I wish could look at your website more. Because of our O.A.T coming up. More work is pilling on us. yay :( It’s sad for you to miss Europe on your world trip. I would have loved to see pics of Europe. Beautiful country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope u have fun

  50. We would hope to cease future vulgarness and childish abuse of others, such as the posting from “John” on 27 March.
    Thank you

  51. All,
    Sorry about all this craziness. While checking the comments, I noticed that doglegg has also been posting other messages sympathetic to himself under another name with the same IP address.
    I will keep his messages in this blog because i think he had some legitimate question, but had to block his IP for future comments since he can’t use a real identity in a discussion.
    Thanks to everybody!


  52. hey Mister…
    what a trip!!!…
    as you said 15 years before, “one day i’ll built my own house by myself”… i can see that your house is in progress… all over the world… good job bro’… if one day you think about comin’ to Paris… let me know… faut qu’j'te cause!!!… ;)

  53. Hi, read your article in Wilmington, N.C. Interesting. I visited Copan and it is an incredible site. However, your article states it is in Guatemala. This is incorrect. The wonderful Mayan site of Copan is in Honduras.

  54. Nicolas; In 1960, at the age of 21, I drove a 1956 ford pickup, with a home made camper from Wooster, Ohio, to Cusco Peru. Sold the truck on the square in Cusco for $1,000 and hitch hiked home, by way of LaPaz, then north. Was robbed 4 times, in central America. Enjoyed the market in Cusco. Hope you have as good a time as I did.

  55. Heya Nick,

    I hope you are holding out allright there in BsAs withouth Nadia and with your parents.. Boy what a change! I looked at your proposed map, and I don´t know if your carnet allows for entry in Egypt, because that would be the most expesive part of the carnet. As far as crossing the red sea and entering Saudi Arabia, now that would be a thrill…. You will need preperation for that one. Sponsored visa well in advance…

    “Entry Requirements for Saudi Arabia Holidays & Saudi Arabia Travel

    All visitors require a visa to enter Saudi Arabia, and visas are only granted to those with sponsorship in the country. Tourist visas are granted only to selected groups on a limited basis. ”

    Have fun..

  56. Oooopsss, forget. And defenitely don´t skip Iran!!! You will regret it. You might want to change your licence plate though… If you need contacts, just give me a shout… This goes for Pakistan as well…

  57. Harvey (Naples,FL)


    A short word about the a-hole who has been blogging your web site recently. Surely you and the majority of your readers and followers recognize that this is an open and public forum. Anyone… and I repeat… ANYONE can log and and make comments. We all know there are some strange and wasted folks out here who are wasteful in their very existence. Given this info… Why does everyone get excited when some a-hole logs on and spills their waste?

    Advice… Just ignore them. PERIOD! They thrive off response. Ignore them and they’ll go away. Simply make believe they’re not there.

    You’ve still got a long way to go and other wasteful souls will burden your blog. Please don’t give them the recognition they so desperately crave.

    IGNORE… IGNORE… IGNORE ! Now… Back to the trip!


  58. Looking forward to your next post Nick! I don’t know if you received by email buut Diyarbakir Turkey is a beautiful city to see. It is suirrounded by a wall that overlooks what is said to be the “Garden of Eden”. I was stationed about 45 minutes outside of the city while in U.S. Air Force. Stay safe!

  59. Nick, not sure you have much time to read a novel but if so, you would might like “Paddle to the Amazon. Dana and Don Starkell, father and son go from Canada to the Amazon in a canoe, granted it’s ia different adventure than yours but cool read. They did it many years ago. Good luck in Africa


  60. Hello Nicolas !!
    Congrats on your endeavour to cross the three Americas.
    I was sent an article by a friend from Nova Scotia on your trip.
    It caught my interest , truly and profoundly. I will explain why.
    Back in 1959 , my mom and dad and five kids , I was then 8 yrs old, set off on an adventure that would take us from Montevideo , Uruguay to Montreal , Canada. Similar routes but the other way around from what you’re doing. It took us approx 2 years to reach our goal. We had a chevrolet panel truck 1952 and the poor thing went through hell on those famous south american roads , the well known Pan American , and others which I presume you might have encountered. Many , many things happened on this trip , needed sponsoring as we went along , dispair from many unwanted situations , death of a brother in Argentina , marriage of another brother in Argentina , a birth in Costa Rica ( my bros wedding in Salta added an extra person ) , and on on went the odyssey. Unfortunately back in the 60′s communication was not what it is today. Along the cities we rode through my dad went to local newspapers and had articles written up on this adventure crossing the three americas. I have been the lucky one to be in possesion of all this treasure my parents built up. I call it treasure cause being 8 years of age and today being 60 , this has made me grow up and today is overflowing in my mind. Newspaper clippings from Uruguay to Canada is what I possess today with great pride. Log books of every soul that sponsored us thru nagging and hard work to reach our goal. My friends aware of this trip is how your article came to my eyes. Stunned and amazingly surprised I decided to write on your blog. You may wonder why it took nearly 2 years ? A man and a woman dragging five kids was an exceptional feat in those years. Why my dad picked up this crazy idea is a mystery to me , he had quite an ego to accomplish this and put his family thru many moments of danger and dispair. Luckily enough we made it to Montreal where we settled after a hardship fight with Immigration to remain in this country. Neglectful side of society of this accomplishment in those years , they fought to get immigrant status after 2 years of our arrival. Well Nicolas , I thought I would let you know my (blog ) in my own words , I am not much of a writer but I do keep the adventurous genes my parents left me as a legacy. Great to see there are others with such genes. Keep going , don’t give up and woul love to hear from you if ever you get this. In the meantime , take care , best regards….Fernando Bravo-Ferrer

  61. Ms. Marti-Nashville

    Hi Nick, Your blog sure is getting to be a busy place these days! Have you been able to make arrangements for your vehicle? How about posting some pics from Buenos Aires? I enjoyed reading your explanations of the cost for your trip. Being cheap or frugal person is why you are able to do your thing now. Great!! How is your budget doing with the car? I know you took a beating back in Mexico. The ole friend is getting a well deserved rest and he will reward you for that later!

    Forge on………………..
    Ms. Marti

  62. Nick,

    I think you and your blog are brilliant! I’ve been following you since your MSN article back in October. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures, and I hope you plan on publishing a book! Best of luck on your continued journey.


  63. WOW! I found your blog a few weeks ago and I am truly amazed by your adventure. Your friend Nadia wil be missed, not just by you but by your audience, too.

    Keep up the good work and I will keep you and your travels in my prayers.

    Best Wishes!!

  64. Hi all,
    Sorry for the long time between postings. I have been busy finding a boat to go to Africa, housing, paperwork, my parents, taxes to fill, etc…

    But everything is well, and i want to do a post soon. My truck is sailling on the 6th of april, and should arrive on the 26th. I have a flight ticket to go to Johannesburg on the 14th.
    Anyhow, can’t wait to be down there driving!

    Coen, I believe there is a way to get a three-days visa transit to allow you to cross Saudi Arabia. Also looking into options through Yemen and Oman, and then boat to Iran.

    Thanks for your patience!

  65. Nick where are you????? We sure are missing you. Hope everything is ok. :-P

  66. Dear Traveller
    come to Nepal and let me know what i needs to do for you


  67. Joanne in New Jersey

    Thanks for checking in, was worried about you! I have been following from the beginning. Hope you plan to write a book on this experience.

  68. Hi Nick!
    Good Luck in your travels! You are doing what so many dream of. Enjoy your time with your Parents. I can’t wait for your posting when you travel through Africa. Please do be careful. As for DogLeg….he should have read your home page and researched a little more about the Donate Button.
    I am thankful you are okay and pray for your saftey as you travel through the Middle East. Happy Easter!
    I hope one day you do write a book about your adventures! God Speed.

  69. It’s been 11 day since the last post and I think I’m starting to have withdrawl symptoms. I have to check my computer every morning to see if the blog has been updated. I was sorry to hear Nadia would be leaving the adventure. Hopefully she will be able to rejoin soon. We will miss her. In the mean time, best wishes Nick! Your fan club will be patiently waiting.

  70. Nick,

    I have been missing you! I can only imagine how busy you might be trying to get your truck, paperwork all in order to have it cross overseas. As you can see I am going through withdrawl. I am so hooked on your web since day one back in Sept. 09. I hope to see your new posts soon.

    I also wanted to take the time to say it is my honor to contribute to your travels — I too have travel on my own expensive but have never done anything as exciting as you are doing now. For that its with great pleasure I have contributed $$ to your adventure. I truly appreciate you taking the time to personally email and gratiously thank me for my donation. (quick comment to Doglegg, Mr. Rapp has been very thanked me and i am sure to others for their donation(s), whether you feel Nick is begging or coming off as a panhandler is your opinion entirely but as to him being rude is totally far from the truth).

    Again, Nick be safe and may God be with you every step of the way. Come home safely hope to see you in California!