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“Nick left on a small boat headed for Yemen last night (Thursday July 8, 2010). It was kind of a challenge to get his truck onto the small boat but after some tense moments the crew at the port was able to load it on with a crane. Unfortunately it wasn’t after they damaged the body of his truck (and possibly the undercarriage). However, he is finally and officially out of Africa and on his way to new adventures.” Dave

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  1. Dave & Sergio! Thx for the update!!! Geez on the truck. I’m sure Nick was pissed to say the least! I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to check it out while on the boat unless they have calm seas. Sure not good for the truck. Oh well he does have insurance but where in the world would he get it fixed in Yemen????? Anyone out there to help him out when he gets there??

    Ms. Marti~Nashville, TN Forge on my friend!!

  2. Holly smokes! I sure hope the damage won’t end his adventure. Fingers crossed the damage is minimal and doesn’t affect the operation of his vehicle!

  3. Prayers to you, Nick for a safe boat journey, it sounds a little scary. I sincerely hope nothing is too badly damaged on the truck. Good luck on the next part of your exciting adventure!

  4. I’m not sure, but i seriously doubt there’s any kind of insurance beyond the paper. T.I.A., this is africa. (well… now it WAS africa.) Nick! congratulations on starting a new section of the trip!

    i’m confident you’ll be able to fix anything that’s broken on the truck, it might not qualify for official road-worthiness certification, but it’ll do the job and keep you moving. Also, a couple of previous dents and scratches will relax your driving experience in India!


  5. Haspy Birthday Nicholas,

    No typos here! What a place to be on your birthday, anniversary anyway. I wish you both a hot one and a cold one, hot date, cold beer that is!
    If you continue to have problems with visas, try mastercard!
    Battle damage to the car will only make it worth more at the end of your journey. Bullet holes would make for a good story, as long as you are still around to tell them.
    Keep on trucking my friend.

    Manolo-Corvette City

  6. Thrilled that you were able to get out of there..but sick when I read about your truck….Dang,dang,dang….Hoping you find out it is just cosmetic. What an experience you are having and sharing it with us is really neat!

    Happy Birthday~

    Kathleen from North Dakota

  7. Glad to hear you’re out of africa. Hope the damage to the vehicle isn’t too bad. Will be anxious to hear about this new leg of your journey. God speed.

  8. Thank you for the update… will look forward to another one very soon. (I hope) with good news. I think the next links of travel are scary and dangerous, (ha, guess he’s “been there, done that”) however going forward seems worst. You know how sometimes he takes off on these side roads, well, in those countries a side road may need a Military escort! Tell him please he’s in our prayers and hope the damage is not something that needs any attention.

  9. Dave, Thanks for that update. We’re all out here cheering Nic on and praying for his safety. We’ve also been praying for the welfare of the people in each country he travels through, and getting to see pictures of the places where they live helps make those prayers real. What a gift this blog is for those of us unable to journey as Nic—and others as well–is doing. The thoughtfulness of the updates is much appreciated, and we look forward to hearing from Nic at his earliest opportunity.

  10. Ouch! Yeah, dents are badges of honor on a trip like this; it’s the undercarriage and the drivetrain right up against it that are the much bigger concern.

    Stay safe my friend.

  11. Neeeckolasss!!!
    Look at those photos of houses and buildings. How different it all is! Beautiful landscape.
    Stay safe be on the alert and respectful of the peoples, and you shall have the suffrage of
    the world.

    Dan from Newport Beach

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