Good-bye Iran, I will miss you

Amid and his family who kept me home in my last days in Iran.
Amid and his family who kept me home in my last days in Iran.

It is a fact. I am now out of Iran. The last few days have been busy with the administrative side of shipping the truck to India. On Tuesday, I was done with it, and I can only thank my now friend Amir who helped me with the customs clearance in Bandar Abbas. (If you need an agent there, Amir[AT] tel.: 0098 917 1603280)

Back in the box. Amir and the customs agent inspect the papers.
Back in the box. Amir and the customs agent inspect the papers.

When it was done, he brought me to the bus station, and made sure I was all set up for the long trip to Shiraz. He asked the driver of the bus to keep an eye on me and make sure I had somewhere to stay while waiting for my flight, two days later.

Oh yeah, some more papers.
Oh yeah, some more papers.

It takes a long time to travel by bus in Iran, as the vehicle is frequently stopped by the police and searched for drug. At 2 a.m., we arrived in Shiraz, and the young guy sitting on my side was officially chosen to take care of me. In the following day, I would stay with his family until I could take-off for India. It was great to spend time at home with Iranians, and I am glad I had this chance before I left. They fed me as if I was a son, which saved me since I didn’t have a penny to my name.

Sleeping outside Amid house.
Sleeping outside Amid house.

Amid lives close to Persepolis, so I had a chance to go back there, at night. What an impressive sight. There was a camp of nomads in the hills close to the site, as there always have been for thousand of years.
In the daytime, we ate the delicious cooking of Amid mother, and spend time with his close relatives. On the morning before I left, he cut my hair, and it was a sad moment when we said good-bye at the airport. I wish I would be able to see many people I met in Iran back home, but it is very difficult for people here to get a passport and visas. Maybe – hopefully – a change in the attitude of country leaders would make things easier in the future…

Good bye Iran.
Good bye Iran.

Few hours later, I was in Dubai where I waited many hours to take another flight to Delhi. On Thursday, at 4 a.m., I arrived at destination just in time to see the sun rise on the demented city.

Welcome to Delhi, India.
Welcome to Delhi, India.

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  1. Oh cool! You made it out of Iran ok. Can’t wait to read/see what adventures you have in India. Hopefully, it won’t be as stressful as your last few entries.

  2. Congratualtions on making it to India. if you have some down time and a reliable internet connection, do you think you might be able to do another post where you answer some of your followers questions? That was a great way to find out more about what you are experiencing. be well and enjoy yourself. Be careful what you eat too!!!

  3. Wow. You look somewhat malnourished. Please try to beef up a bit while you are in India, you look hungry. Glad you made it to India. Can’t wait to see behind the scenes of another country that is so far away!

    How many hours ahead is Dehli, India from the US?

  4. Yeah!!! Another leg of the trip! How long are you expecting to stay in Asia? Seems as though with all the difficulties you’ve had it appears that you are pretty much on schedule. Is that right? I feel like when you get back to the US that you will fly (relatively speaking) across the states to get home. You still don’t have any prospects to meet up with in India? What about Kat? She had mentioned in a post some time ago that she may be able to join you.

    We are all so anxious to see you travel this leg and the great pics of scenery. How about trying to get more pics of locals as you venture through the towns.

    Forge on My Friend~
    Ms. Marti~Nashville, TN

  5. Hiya Nick,

    I’ve been following your travels since Bolivia and have read all of the archives, of course. As a fellow citizen of the world, I love the lesson that is learned in each destination. It is the same lesson – people are the same wherever you go. Although they may dress in different clothes, speak different languages and have extremely different lives but we all share the human experience.

    The kindness you have experienced by others along your amazing journey is the common thread. Strangers have shared with you, guided you, fed you, and taken you in as family. You have put complete trust in the good in people; which is amazing and admirable. In return, they have shared the same with you.

    Sharing your experience with the online world is powerful. We can learn this important lesson from your travels. As you leave each destination, you also leave behind shared experiences with the people you have met. You will not be forgotten. It takes someone like you to change one person’s perception of the West. You are opening minds along the way in every direction.

    I plan to share your site with my 2nd grader’s school in Davenport, Florida. Children should see this beauty in the world.

    Smiles & safe travels,

    Cheryl Shih
    Davenport, FL

  6. Great news to hear that you have finally arrived in India! Also, it was very interesting to read that the Iranians took you under their wing and assisted you on the final leg of your journey in their country. I had heard that the Iranian people were very friendly and not at all like the government portrays them to be. Your experiences seem to verify that notion. We will wait anxiously to hear that you are safely reunited with your truck and are once again on the road! Meanwhile, enjoy your down time and travel safe!

  7. I’m glad to read that you’ve made it out to India. My husband and I are huge travelers & have wanted to head to Iran for a while now, and after seeing Rick Steves’ recent special on the country & reading your blog, I cannot wait until the day we do the same. You will love India! Hoping you have smooth travels w/ the car going forward!

  8. I am glad to know you are in India. I am sure you will enjoy your stay in India. You can manage without your truck in India pretty much any city. Have fun.

  9. Nick,
    Glad to know you are in India. What is your travel route in India? Do you have plans to go down south to Kerala? (it’s a beautiful tropical coastal state). It is great to see the diversity within India. Do spend a good amount of time in India to absorb the culture.

    Do let me know if you need any help there. I can try to help out. I am based in US, but was born and brought up in India. I can get friends to arrange for help if you need any.


  10. Hola Nico!

    The one thing I noticed is that traveling through so many countries you probably get to see the diversity within countries and no one country can be defined by just one area. Many foreigners woh come say to New York and only visit that city tend to think that the rest of the country is the same when it fact nothing could be further from the truth. To really appreciate a country one has to go to many different places and then can experience the differences offered by the various regions. You agree?

    Marti tends to think that you will fly thrugh the states, I think that it will be your longest leg of the journey in relation to space and time. You will have so many opportunies to stop and “party” in just about every city you pass through. And I bet more than one will be dissappointed that you don’t stop in their home town to visit.

    Keep those wheels a spinning my friend!!


  11. I am so glad you are safe! I was worried about you but never lost faith keep me updated with your exciting blogs and pictures and when you come back to the USA your welcome to come and visit us in Minnesota, We will make a farmer out of you.

    Cuidado en tu camino i que Dios te bendiga!

  12. Congrats on making it out of Iran. Your postings have been great to read. Thanks for sticking through with this. I’m very jealous of your experiences.

    Minneapolis, MN

  13. Thank God you survived your last few days in Iran without having any money. It seems like every Iranian person is willing to help any tourist without even knowing them. From your blogs, I learned they are friendly, very hospitable, concern about your well being, and accomodating without expecting anything in return. The Iranians are great people.

    Iran closes the door for the Middle East part of your trip and India opens the door to Asia part of your trip. This is the last continent before you get to USA. I hope you will enjoy it and I pray you won’t get into any major problems.

    How are your money reserves? Hopefully, you are doing okay. I don’t recall you having any kind of trouble with your car in the Middle East. I hope this will continue.

    Good Luck and Take Care!

  14. It is so good to read how you were helped,,Guess I didn’t expect that..
    Happy you are safe and treated well..God go with you on your journey
    Take care ,oh, by the way,hair looks good 🙂 Be Safe,,,

  15. Your travels seem more exciting at every posting. India! What wonderful experiences await for you in this country. Keep your head up and heart open. How long do you think you’ll be there? Take your time for it’s an ancient civilization worth your intense investigation.

    America awaits your safe return (and hopefully you’ll pass through Columbus, Ohio) on your way home.

  16. The world can be such an amazing place when you least expect It. People are genuinely nice. Have a blast friend…onward to India and Asia! 😀

  17. Hi Nick,
    We’ve been following your blog since an article appeared in the Spokane newspaper last year. What a truly amazing travel adventure you are having. You have opened our eyes and given us insight into countries we could only dream about visiting and our hearts to some of the wonderful people you met along the way.

    Thank you for sharing your travel experience. Keep safe.

  18. I’ve been following your travels from day one. The hospitality and friendliness of other people in these countries astounds me. Not always what our news portrays. I’m wondering why you slept outside of Amid’s house? Do they not sleep inside? Enjoy the remainder of your journey and be safe.

  19. Hi Nick,

    Good to see you leave Iran and arrive in India. I am sure each day would hold lot of surprises and fun during your stay in India.

    In retrospect, your tour started some time during the second week of November 2009, around the same time my wife got pregnant. We have been blessed with baby girl on Wednesday(08/25). The baby and mom are doing great.

    Good luck with your travel in India.Cannot wait to see more pictures from my home land.


  20. My daughter who is 11 wonders why you are only traveling for a year? Why not 2 or 3? She wants to know if you have pets at home, and if you do, they must be sad not to see you.
    We doubt you are coming to Seattle on the way to NYC, but you are welcome to park in our yard. You can share out pets for the duration.

    We have been following you since the beginning and are learning a lot.
    Wishing you safe travels.

  21. Nik, you are totally amazing! Though you have had some stressful moments in Africa and the Middle East your calm personality has seen you through. I’ve been on the edge of my seat several times, but always feel that you will never make me fall off the seat!

    Do be careful of eating and drinking (don’t use ice!) in India, Thailand, and those countries! I lived there for 20 years and the bacteria doesn’t like our western stomachs! I know you will love Thailand and the people–warm and very hospitable, like Iran.

    Forge on, my Brother! You’re going to make it!


  22. Right on! Now you would work through this one glade you had some good hearted people around you helping out. Thanks for the update!

  23. Hey Nick,

    So the people in Iran are a lot nicer than what we hear from the media here. It is probably true of a lot of countries.

    I have lived in India. A Toyota Landcruiser is much to big for Indian roads especially in the cities. In cities like Mumbai it will be best to park the car and travel by public transport(which will be an adventure by itself).

    I know you have patience and it will be tested in India. The counrtyside will be a lot nicer then the crowded cities. But you will see some wonderful sights and be rewarded by getting to know yourself & the Indian people better. If you have time visit Goa & Kerala.

    Good luck and we all will continue to follow your travels!

  24. I too have been following your adventure since the beginning and also from learning about your travels from an article in the Spokane, WA paper. I see there are many others from this area as well as Washington state as a whole. If you do come through this state on your return I would also like to be included in any welcoming that may be in your honor. Please keep us in mind!

    Your travels have been the highlight of many days for me. This is something I am sure you will never forget. What excitement for you. Keep on keeping on….you are in our prayers for a safe return home.

    Charlene E
    Spokane, WA USA

  25. Hi Nick!

    I also read about your adventure in the Spokane Newspaper last year & have enjoyed reading of your adventures. As Helen Keller said “Life is a daring adventrue or nothing”
    Thanks for sharing yours, the writing & the pictures are great! I look forward to more.

  26. Hello Shay, Nick posted a while back that he has a bird at home and misses him terribly. I believe he has a friend taking care of him. I know I would miss my pets and friends while I was traveling. Shay you have a very sensitve little girl. So glad young ones are enjoying Nick’s travels. I know they will learn more actually seeing someone go thru the countries. (I have).

    Ms. Marti~Nashville, TN

  27. Hey Nic!

    My hairdresser north of Seattle is from Iran. 🙂 She’s a sweetheart of course. 🙂 She does say she’s thankful to be in the US because there is no freedom of speech or anything in Iran as most people understand it’s the government of Iran and not the people that comes into question often.

    Ah well, love your pictures and updates. I love Indian food so wish I was there! 🙂 Greatest spices ever on this leg of the journey. 😉

    Be blessed, stay safe, don’t worry about the naysayers–You look great and you’re doing fantastic!


    1. Hi all,
      I am now in Mumbai. Apologies for not giving any news recently. My truck arrival has been delayed, and I now hope it will arrive in town on Sept. 10. Will post shortly some pictures of the road between here and Delhi.
      Thanks for your patience!

  28. Howdy Nic,

    a friend of mine grew up there and still prefers to talk about Bombay – around where Sachin Tendulkar played his cricket as a kid. Maybe you will spot the area on the west(near coastline/beach) and plenty cricket fields on one ground.

    Enjoy the week before your truck arrives.

    Anticipating some interesting pix.

  29. Dear Nick:

    So nice to hear from you and thanks for the update. Glad to know that you now have a date for the truck return from Iran. We can only imagine just how much you must miss your best friend 🙂 . Don’t be concerned about our patience. It is rather good that you have this down time from being on the road. Most of us will never relate to being on the road across half the world in the length of time it has taken you to reach India. You deserve this relaxed period. Enjoy the sights and good food of India. A blogger said earlier that you will now begin to enjoy some elegant unique spicy dishes. She (maybe it was a he) was right. Take care and thanks for keeping in touch. Hugs,
    -Joy and Paul

  30. As many other that have posted comments, it sure is good to see that you are in India. Not for the fact of being in Iran, but the fact that you now have access to banks and money. When you were first on your way through the Middle East and into Iran, I was really worried about your well being. It is very good to know that the local people took really good care of you. I have followed your blog since day one (not sure how I stumbled upon it, but glad I did), and have often wondered if we in USA would be so kind. I guess there are good and bad people no matter where you go. I remember one time when I was a child, some college kids knocked on our door saleing encylopedias. My mother was cooking dinner and although she didnt buy any books, she invited (insisted) that they come in and have dinner with us. I have always remembered that and have tryed to have that same outlook now that I am older. Good luck on the remainder of your journey, and I cant wait to see your TV interviews, and read your soon to be written book when you return to the US.
    What and inspiration you are.

  31. It’s nice to know there are kind people the world over. It restores my faith in mankind. ….. always a good day to log on and find out about some new adventure you’ve had and see more beautiful pics. Safe trip.

  32. I have been reading you blog since the start of your trip. I love it! I think it is GREAT that you decided on this trip. I love to travel too and think that this is a great way to do it. I enjoy reading about the places that you have been to, and your photos in Kenya and Dubai brought back memories of my time spent in West Africa and Dubai.

    Thank you!

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