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In the summer of 2009, Nicolas Rapp decided to take a break from his Art Director job at The Associated Press to attempt a one-year overland travel around the world in a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser. He was back in New York in February 2011 after traveling 15 months and 37,000 miles.

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  • A year on the road and still going strong.

    Posted on November 14th, 2010 Nicolas 114 comments
    Looking for a spot along the beach

    Looking for a spot along the beach in Peru nine months ago.

    One year ago exactly today, I left Brooklyn to drive around the world.
    Needless to say, there has been a lot of things happening along the way, and it has been the most intense year of my life.
    As I was pushing forward, I met many people who provided help and support, and I want to thank them for that. Many of these folks I bumped into on the road became friends and will stay friends for the years to come.
    Finally, to the people coming daily on this website to check on me or post a comment, I want to say thanks for sticking around close enough that I feel I am not alone out there.


    On my way to Muscat four months ago.

    On my way to Muscat four months ago.

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114 Responses to “A year on the road and still going strong.”

  1. Wow- a year already! I hope the rest of the travel goes smoothly. Thanks for writing about it and taking us along- virtually at least.

  2. Wow. I can’t even remember how I found this site in the first place, but I’ve been following along since before you left and I can’t BELIEVE it’s been a year already. Congrats! It’s been quite a ride for all of us.

  3. Charlie A (Santa Clara, Ca.)

    Thank you for the great blog posts. I have been following you since the first mention on a yahoo news group and it gave me something to look forward to while I have been unemployed for the last 16 months.
    I have read every post and stuck pins in a world map following your progress. I have seen the happy and sad in your postings and all the amazing pictures you have shared with us and have been very happy to lived vicariously through them all.
    I must say that I do love a great adventure and this trip of yours has been a truly amazing one. I hope one day to meet you and share some great stories and many beers. I think this goes without saying, but enjoy all the great sights, sounds, great food and much easier traveling in South East Asia.

    Most of all, thank you for letting us all share in your adventure.

    Cheers mate,
    Charlie A.

  4. Bonjour, Nick!

    November 19, 2009 is when you rolled into West Brook High School and we enjoyed a wonderful
    luncheon and discussion with you and our students. I remember all of the posters the students
    put up around the school for you and the cute land cruiser cake! This year on November 19, we
    will dedicate that day to you and I will show a slide show and give an update on your travels. So
    many of the students do not have the internet and constantly ask me for an update. You are such an inspiration and I, too, check this site every day. Thanks for letting us be a part of the trip!

    Jolane Bedford

  5. Happy…………o.k…anniversary!

    I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I hitch-hiked through Europe in 2006 for 6 weeks, that was the loneliest time of my life. No blog, no friends, no money! I wish I had a support team as you do in your journey. It would have made a world of difference. I did meet wonderful people along the way that helped in my plight but in no way as you have. Also the most dramatic part of my life. It had been a life long dream of mine but something you don’t do at the age of 41! those kind of trips should be left for the young as you are.
    Book, book, book. I don’t think you will have a choice. And if you play your cards right, it could be your source of income when you return. One thing is to be able to tell your kids and grand kids of your journey, another is to be able to pass down a book about it. Worth much more than the financial gains of a book. I hope you reconsider.
    This too has been one of my favorite parts of the world. I have about 20 countries under my belt but nothing in Asia. Maybe one day I will go.
    As always, patiently awaiting your next post, which never comes soon enough.
    The wheels on the bus(LC) go round and round!


  6. Happy travels day my friend.

  7. Happy Anniversary Nick! I too have been following you since before you left Brooklyn. I look forward to checking out your sight each morning and several times throughout the day to read the comments. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU for taking us along on your amazing journey! Its almost like being out there with you and certainly my only opportunity to experience other worlds and cultures, however vicariously. I hope you have a great time the rest of the way and as always, travel safe!

  8. Congratulations on making it out there in the world as you have on 4 wheels for an entire year and never having given up on this part — writing about it.

    Looking forward to more.

  9. Nick,

    You are the reason why this year has flown by! I look forward every few days to read about your endevours. I have been following you since day one!

    Good luck, be safe & God bless and watch over you.


  10. Somehow a friend mentioned your tour and I was captivated by the adventure and great stories you tell. I hope when you come to my home state of Utah that the road is smooth.

  11. Congratulations! I look forward to all of your posts. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your adventures.

  12. I found your blog through my mom, and I’ve been really enjoying reading about your adventures. I can’t believe that a year has passed since you left the states!

    Good luck on the final leg of your journey. We’re all rooting for you, and praying for safe travels!

  13. Time passes so quickly. Can’t believe a year has passed already, although you may feel differently about that! I too have followed your travels since inception and will actually be sorry when they end. Maybe you could do this again and just take another route : ) Safe travels and as always godspeed.

  14. Happy Birthday Nick! It seems incredible that you were here 8 months ago already! Keep the adventure rolling!

  15. Nick – You are making this trip FOR so many people that the only way I can suggest you might guessthe number is to look up on a cloudless night, far from any city, and start counting the stars. Thank YOU for letting us ride along.

  16. Happy 1-year anniversary and congratulations, Nick! I have not missed a beat or a prayer since reading about your adventure in last year’s newspaper. You have indeed accomplished a year of living dangerously. I look forward to reading all about the last leg of your journey. Enjoy and keep doing “what you do” to stay safe, healthy and aware of your environment. As the saying goes, “not over until the fat lady sings”. Your friend,

  17. Thank you Nick for sharing your great adventure. Being 67 makes me think through your travels and your courage to dare, I might just do the things I have been afraid to attempt. You have made the world open up to so many. So happy to have found your blog via our newspaper article and have faithfully followed you this past year! WOW.

  18. What I rejoice in for you is thinking of the comments in the beginning from people who said you couldn’t do it! I remember the gentleman who wrote the book of his attempt and he didn’t think you could make it correct? And other naysayers and doubters!

    It’s such a lesson for everyone reading this and what a LIFE LESSON for you–that despite obstacles, despite rumors, despite temporary breakdowns of the vehicles, weather, strikes, border crossings, sickness, driving backwards several hundred miles, exhaustion, heat, crazy taxi drivers, money issues, etc etc—LIFE IS A JOURNEY and despite it all we can keep pressing on and triumph over the obstacles. I heard a quote recently that I like, “Life is like Photography–use the negatives to develop some positives.” :-)

    And Helen Keller said, I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.

    You’ve accomplished something Great and it’s a lesson even in the small things, that obstacles can be overcome and there is a brighter day waiting–with a beach somewhere. :-)

    Be blessed, Be Safe and Enjoy the Journey!
    Beth :-)

  19. Thanks for bringing the world a little closer to home! Congrats on 1 year and continue to have safe travels!!

  20. What a ride! I’ve followed you since you left, through the accidents, the mistakes, the scary parts and the pleasures. How great you have shared all of it. Wishing you safe travel the rest of the way.

    P.S. Toyota ought to pay you big bucks to use your Land Cruiser for a TV ad.

  21. Keep on trucking: it’s awesome!!

  22. Happy Anniversary! like so many others, i’ve followed you from the very beginning and, yes, it has flown by. thank you so much for sharing your adventure with all of us. though i don’t know where life will take me, it probably won’t afford me to travel around the world. but i did through your eyes and for that you’re very special in my heart. no propaganda; no slant on a story. just travels and blogs from a worldwide adventurer.

    very cool and honorable.
    cheers :-)


  23. Hey Nick,

    About the truck. Have you thought of auctioning off your truck? Maybe ebay? I’m sure there is someone out there who would want a truck with the history that yours will have. (Maybe even Toyota, whether company or a dealership) Not to mention the amount of countries your truck has been through. I can’t imagine too many vehicles that could claim the same. Just a thought.


    P.S. Write the book! I’m gonna keep bugging you about it.

  24. Thank you, Nick, for taking the time to let all of us come along on this journey with you. You have been an inspiration to me to persevere through times of adversity. There are so many times that I would’ve stopped (for the guys with machine guns in Kenya), or turned back (when you had the wrong currency for the boat in Bangladesh). Your ingenuity and quick thinking has been amazing. Savor each day. I’m praying for your safety.

    P.S. I’m so glad you have someone to travel with you for a while.

  25. I can’t even remember how I found this site either. However, I’m glad I did as it made my “Year of Unemployment” a little bit brighter by giving me something to look forward to each day. Through this site, I have been able to do what the adventurer in all of us wants to do, but don’t have the time, the money, or the guts. Thanks so much for letting us accompany you on your trip.

  26. Shelia, Thomasville, NC

    How quickly time flies when you’re having fun.
    The Transworld Expedition is my homepage.
    I check it daily in anticipation of the next posting.
    I can only imagine the stories you have to tell and the pictures you have that you have not been able to share on this site.
    Your kids and grandkids will be blown away someday by these adventures.
    May God continue to be with you and keep you safe.

  27. Charlie A (Santa Clara, Ca.)

    Write the book, it will be a best seller and you should have no problem getting booked on the Today Show. BTW, I want my first edition autographed.

  28. Thanks Nick for letting us share in your fantastic journey. I have enjoyed following all your adventures and am looking forward to your next destination. This year has gone quickly!
    Can’t wait for your book ~ Be safe as you continue your trip!

    Park Ridge, IL

  29. wow, i cant believe its been over a year sence i’ve been following you. I think i first found you through a blog or article on msnbc and i’ve checked your page every day sence then. Its amazing how much you’ve done in a year and for sure this will be a year to remember for you. Just so you know your my hero, I’ve always loved travling and although i dont intend on doing what you did i do intend on travling alot in my future, so thanks for doing this blog and have a awesome trip :)

  30. nick its been a good year.hope you keep having a safe trip the rest of the way.

  31. Congratulations on making it to the 1 year mark! Thank you for allowing us to follow you! I believe that I may never leave the United States and thanks to you I am seeing place I never thought I would see! Again Congrats! Janet

  32. Congrats on ‘A Year on the road’
    That is quite the accomplishment!
    Good luck on the days ahead
    Happy travels!

  33. Nick Have followed your journey every day for a year. Its been a great ride. I have two 1989 Toyotas, one pick up and one Land Cruiser. Great trucks after all those miles and years! How many miles are on your odometer currently? Thanks and take care, Tom

  34. Donna In Sunny Ft Lauderdale

    Wow, time does fly, and it has been an amazing adventure, which is still to continue. It’s been a wonderful experience following you, I’ve learned interesting facts about the different countries and have seen some beautiful scenery. I, as most of us seem to be, am looking forward to your book (what?? of course you will be writing a book), so I can see so many more pictures and you can share much more than just weekly updated blogs. God’s been good to you my friend, having driven 30,000 miles and having met great people along the way, and always having been able to eventually “get those parts” or get “those papers”. I will continue to follow you home, as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t miss these last miles for anything.
    with hugs from home,

  35. It is a pleasure to follow your adventure since the beginning. Keep driving and documenting at your own pace. See you in NYC

  36. Congrats on the anniversary mark! Out of all the blogs I read, your blog is the only one I have to see AS SOON as it is updated, no matter how busy I am. You are an inspiration to all the adventurous at heart!

  37. I still remember before you left how you talked to Al Podell and he doubted that you’d be able to do it. I know you aren’t done yet, but from reading since the beginning, it’s never crossed my mind that you wouldn’t complete what you started. I’m glad you’ve kept going with everything that has been thrown at you and I’m glad I’ve been able to keep tabs on your adventure each step of the way. It’s great to see the many different faces of our world.

  38. Congratulations Nick!

    I have been following faithfully since day one and am allways waiting for a new post. Thank you for taking all of us along on your journey.

    I wish you safe journeys!

  39. Chuck-Red Oak, TX

    Nick, I have really enjoyed all your posts. After having read “Who Needs a Road?” several years ago, my imagination was stirred…now with your travels, my imagination has been even more engaged. Perhaps I will someday take a long journey in my 75′ Land Cruiser (but nothing to compare to your fantastic trip)!

  40. Hi Nick,
    It has been so great to follow your journey around the world!
    I admire people like you because I am like you.
    God made this world for us to enjoy,learn,visit… and the end we feel as we are nobody!
    We do not know nada!
    Anyway,have lots of fun,ok!
    Hope there will be a book eventualy!

  41. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What are we followers going to do when this trip is over?? We will all be without our Nicolas adventures. Like several others, I am hoping for a book (an autographed copy at that.) It would be better than making us print out your previous posts for a momento of the trip. I could see the cover being a collage of photos from all over the world. Also, I would not sell the beloved LC to Toyota or anyone else. But at the very least, Toyota would be crazy not to approach you about doing a commercial.

    Stay safe during the rest of this trip. You are almost home.

    BTW…how has Nadia been? Have you heard from her lately?

  42. I have followed and loved every mile of your trip. When you write the book, I’ll buy it! Thank you so much for letting me travel with you vicariously. I’ve traveled through Southeast Asia and can’t wait to do it again through reading about your adventures. Wish I were young enough and brave enough to do what you are doing. Go for it!

  43. I cannot say anything that hasn’t already been said, just –
    Congratulations on your ‘year on the road’, and here’s to safely completing your trip around the world!

    Take care! :)

  44. Salut Nick!

    I’ve been following you since you were building your truck in NYC. I thought you were quite brave to tackle the world on your own and I have to say, you’ve done an amazing job! I also felt like we had something in common, because I’m from Long Island, and I’ve lived in France. You’re out creating an amazing experience for yourself, while the rest of are just reading about it. Congratulations!

    What you said today about having comments so that you feel like you’re not alone out there really made me think. This is the first time I’ve commented because I understand now how having comments would feel like a lifeline sometimes, especially when things aren’t going as you planned.

    Bonne chance avec la reste! You are doing awesome and your readers are always here cheering you on!


  45. Wow, Nick, a year already! I’ve been following you since day one and what a year it has been for you. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with all of us. Wishing you continued safety and luck through the remainder of your trip.

  46. Yeah! I look forward to reading you blog every week. It’s helped get me by while at work! Thank you for that and safe traveling.


  47. Hurrah! Nick!

  48. Nick,

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary of the expedition! Put me down for a copy of the book. I would love to see all of your pictures. Stay safe and enjoy.


  49. Georgia S. McDade

    Thanks so much for blogging. Congratulations! I went around the world in 1985–June 24th – December 21st, thirty-two countries. The trip remains the highlight of my life. My wish is to go to South America, Australia, and Antarctica. I would love to return to some of the places to see how they have changed–or not. I was alone most of the time, but on 17 occasions I met someone I know or someone who knows someone I know. I drove only in Hawaii. But I managed to ride a donkey, elephant, and camel. Usually I was on a train, plane or bus.I kept a journal, wrote everyday, four notebooks. Another of my wishes is to have the tale of my odyssey published. In some instances what was happening then may be more interesting than what is happening now. I took 98 rolls of slides, most with 36 frames per roll. I am in touch with a number of the folks I met. An Australian I met in Singapore left me $10,000.00. One woman sent me a piece of the Berlin Wall because, she said, “you would be the kind of person who would want it.” An Egyptian whom I never met but who recommended a place to stay in Egypt wrote a beautiful card when the Towers fell. I had a $1999 around-the-world ticket; additional traveling costs totaled $4000. The trip cost about $16,000–I kept track of everything I spent, have money and postage from every country I visited. Just writing makes me think I should work harder to get my books published. Anyway, you have yet another person who will keep track of you. I am sorry you no longer have a companion; I wished for one many times, not so much because I was lonely but because I wanted to share the experience with someone who knows me and some of what I value. For instance, I went to the Sea of Galilee with Jews who did not speak English nor value Christianity; I was the only American on a tour of Hiroshima–everyone else spoke Japanese. But I am certain I met many persons because I was alone. I talked to folks I might not have seen had I been with someone. The trip reaffirmed we human beings have far more similarities than dissimilarities. Take care.

  50. Hi Nick,

    My young sons and I have enjoyed reading about your travel adventures from the moment you left NY. It was been very interesting to read your impressions of the countries you have visited plus the difficulty in getting from one spot to the other.
    Congratulations on sticking with your dream and good luck with the remaining of your journey.

    Thanks for sharing
    The Weaver family

  51. Keep it up DUDE! Love watching you travel around the world!

  52. Keep on Truckin!

  53. Nick,

    I have not commented to this point, but I have been following you faithfully since the beginning and sharing your adventures with my friends. I really respect all you are doing and I hope you are growing and learning more through each country you travel.

    Be careful and know we are following your travels and wish you the very best.

  54. I’ve been reading your blog since you left. I have never commented, but feel like I should congratulate you for a whole year on the road. I’m sure it must get lonely and you think no one cares, but I am a loyal reader. Thanks for allowing those of us who can’t or won’t take risks like you do to see what the rest of the world is like. I wish you luck and good weather, and good food, and many more adventures as you complete you trip around the world.

  55. Happy 1 Year Anniversary! I have followed you the whole way and enjoyed every blog. I look forward to seeing what adventures await you! I agree with the others, you have got to write a book and I want a signed copy. ; ) Be safe!

    Victoria Picard

  56. I. too, have been following you since day one. I tell everyone where you are and about your beautiful pictures. I have worried about you and have been excited for you! I can’t believe a year has gone by. I love the suggestion that Toyota use YOU and the truck in a commercial. I also can not wait to see a book of your travels (I really think the book is a given.) I also have enjoyed getting to know (?) those that comment from all over the world. Enjoy this next leg of your (our :) trip! Be safe and God bless!

  57. Hi Nick,

    It has been one year ago that you started your journey ,up to this date I have been amazed at all of the pics that you have sent to the world. Just to let them know that what you are doing is possible in the eyes of mankind! I salute you for doing a job well done. I envy you because you are actually doing this and you are 3/4 there on your trip around the world. It is not exactly around the world in 80 days but I know it takes lot of guts and tenacity to accomplish what you are doing .
    I have followed your journey since day 1, so be safe nick and I know you are not stopping at Seattle , but you are always welcome if you decide. Got plenty of room and take care.
    God Bless, Ray Manalo

  58. Marlon Trivino (Eastvale, CA) formerly Corona


    Congratulations on your 1 year transworld expedition! I can’t believe it’s already been a year. That went so fast! Anyways, I hope it will be smooth riding from here on out with no major problems like you’ve encountered in Peru and Ethiopia.

    I hope to see you when you get to the Los Angeles Area. I live really close to the route you are planning to take. You are welcome to stay at my house. We have a guest room for you and your dad.

    See you!

  59. Congrats Nick! I’ve been following your blog since day one and I cannot believe it has been a year already. Can’t wait for your posts about the rest of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Wish I were there. Take care and be safe :-) .

  60. Nick -
    Congratulations! What a year! Imagine the stories you will have to tell your grandchildren one day! Safe travels on the remainder of your trip!

  61. Hi Nick,
    I’ve also been following you since day 1. I enjoy reading your journal posts and pictures. Keep on keeping on!

  62. I read your article “A 31,000-mile drive south: from NYC to Argentina” in the Grand Rapids Press on March 28th. I’ve been traveling with you vicariously, enjoying your blogs, pictures, and praying for you.

  63. Nic,

    Congratulations on completeling 1 year! I too have been following you since before you left. Like a few of the others I had the great privilege and honor of meeting you and helping you out. I feel like this is more like a trip of 100 people or more around the world than just you. You have shed so much light on different parts of the world to so many and have a friendly an loyal following like nothing else. Good luck on the rest of the trip! Can’t wait for the next post!

    Your Friend,


  64. Nick,

    Congratulations on your transworld expedition anniversary. As everyone else said you have to write a book! I trully enjoy your posts and religiously check them, what will I do after your trip is complete?!? I must have a book with all the details!

    I know Texas is not on your route back home but you have a home in Texas my friend. I wish to meet you some day and hear the details of this great adventure.


  65. Congratulations on this significant milestone, Nick! I cannot believe it has been a year. Like many others, I have been following your tracks since you rolled out of NYC, and have not missed a post!

    I, too, encourage you to “write the book.” Like Georgia McDade, I did a year-long solo round the world tour in 2002, and wrote a book about it. I did it as much for myself as anyone else, because it was more important for me to get my memories down on paper before they started to fade. (“blog” wasn’t even a word back in 2002!) Since I had to return to the “real world” to earn some money fairly quickly, I didn’t have time to market the book like I would have liked, so I self-published. I have some definite opinions on this that I will be happy to share when and if you are ready to start writing!

    Thank you for all the joy you have shared with us, and for helping me relive my own wonderful journey, seeing it not only through your eyes, but those of all your loyal fans and followers!

    Keep on rolling! (….but not TOO fast!!)
    Suzanne A.

  66. are you kidding me? you thanking us? i thank you, and look forward every day to see what is happening with you; i will be sad when your adventure concludes; tho each day when i check in, i am glad that you are safe and found good people along your journey to help you and guide you; certainly makes you think about the people around the world, and how there are good people can be; wish i could donate to your cause, but continue to be safe and keep on doing what you are doing; you are one amazing guy ! would love to be there at your book signing in 2011 !!!

  67. Happy Travel Anniversary!!! What an amazing and wonderful year of experiences you have had and so thoughtfully given to us. Thank you for all the excitement, joy, experience and understandig you have given to me through your words and pictures! Beth, I loved your quotes and Manolo I agree completely on the continued harrasment for a book, I will help! :) Even with all the trials and tribulations, what a beautiful world we live in with amazing people. Thank you for telling the story. Until next time…

  68. If you hadn’t said it had been a year, I wouldn’t have known. Bravo! I have been reading your posts before you left NY, but I hadn’t commented until now. I wanted to thank you for documenting your travels, both trials and successes. I’m not sure I would every have gotten these insights another way.

  69. Like the other readers have said, if you come through Santa Fe, New Mexico, you have a place to stay.

  70. Congrats and keep it up!!!! Your almost there!!!

  71. hey world man 1 yr already? thats great. Keep up the good work and i will try and keep up with you better for the rest of the trip. You know i was in the can(jail) for a few months. Good Luck
    Joe from Bama

  72. Happy Anniversary Nick.Like rest have been reading about adventure since beginning.Really excited from start and keeps getting better and better.The differance with your travels is its live not memorax with all the bells and whistles .Thanks for sharing your Great Adventure with us.Its really like being there with. Outstanding Trip ******One that will last forever in your memories and I know mine reading about It as you traveled.

    Great Fun Good Luck Safe Journey Back.

    Until Next Time



  73. Nick – thanks for my 1 year subscription to your real time ‘travel magazine’. It’s like no other travel magazine I’ve come across that comes complete with free flowing ‘letters to the editor’. I know it’s going to end sometime in 2011 but it has been a great year of continuous travel through your pen and pics. Wished this can keep going…but all good things has an end somehow. At the meantime, I always look forward to my next issue including all the letters to the editor. A million thanks to you and all those who continue to write in…

    Dan C

  74. Wow, a whole year has gone by!! It doesn’t seem like that long!! Glad that things are going good. The grandkids and me still me log in and check on you every time they spend time with me. They have been to more places on your site then they have learned about in school. Keep safe!!

  75. Nick, thank you for being fearless! Wishing you more great adventures as you make your way home.


  76. Nick, it’s an inspiration to follow and experience all the adventures through your words. Congrats on completing one year on the road!

  77. That was a quick year……looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas !

  78. its been fun checking out you adventure like the new blogs and pictures and your personal touch to each one. You should make a book with them 4 sure.

  79. I’ve also loved following your adventure. Keep the posts coming!

  80. Nick
    Have followed since the beginning. Amazing! I look forward to every post.
    Happy 1 year! Be Safe.

  81. Congrats on one year out your trip has been an inspiration.

  82. Great to see you’ve got many supporters cheering for you!

  83. Ms. Marti~Nashville, TN

    Everyone! Thanks so much for suporting Nick! The amount of responses are tremendous! Where have all of you been the last year? The more the merrier on the blog!! Don’t be shy anymore!

    Ms. Marti~Nashville, TN

  84. You are welcome. Thanks for taking us along:)

  85. Nick,

    Have you decided what you are going do with your land cruiser once the trip is complete?

    Thanks for sharing. I come visit the site often.

    Dallas Texas

  86. Right Marty!

    I haven’t looked but I think we broke a record on post with this one. On the twitter sight it says over a thousand followers but I’ve yet to see them on this site, although I don’t doubt that there are at least that many. I’m sure Nick has realized the impact he has had on so many lives. And for so many of us we have to deal with the fact that it will soon come to an end, sad. Perhaps a new site should be put up for those who want to continue this journey in a virtual manner. Something needs to be done!

    Good show Nick, keep up the good work!


  87. Been riding along since the beginning. Love the trip, love the blog. Cheers to doing what most only dream about. Travel on and travel safe.

  88. Add mine to the growing pile. Always love the pictures.

    So glad you have shared the good and the bad. Enjoy the rest of your travels – Mary

  89. Hello Nick,

    OMG!!! I can’t beleive I missed this Blog of yours……Thailand is my home country!!! I was waiting since you started your trip around the world. I was in Thailand last month :-) .

    I am glad you had a great time there in Thailand, pictures are so beautiful!!!! I agree with you the street food sometimes is the best!!!

    Also, THANKS for not posting the night light in Phuket. It’s too crazy there!!

    Anyway, hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and please say “Hi” to Thai people for me and of course EAT A LOT of Thai food for me too :-)


  90. All right folks,

    After going through all the blogs, again, I found a blog with 93 comments in June, the next highest was in January with 70. So just a few more comments and we break the record. I’ve yet to go through all the names but probably will, do to the fact I am a disabled Vet. and have the time. I also looked at the pictures of Nick prior to the trip and the latest, what a difference! Tell me the man hasn’t changed! Might I add, for the better.


  91. Ms. Marti~Nashville, TN

    Monolo, OMG I did the same thing yesterday. I went back to the very first blog before Nick left NY and there are lots of names that don’t show up currently. What in the world are we going to do without the Trans World Exp. when Nick is done! :( Guess we could start a gossip blog! LOL for all us ole folks!!


  92. Well Manolo, I like the fact of breaking records and I really like this blog and all the people who have commented and follwed along as I have. So, here is one more! Maybe we can get up to 100 before Nic blogs again! :D

    BTW…Thanks for your service!

  93. Hi Nick,

    I was thinking about your start date about a week ago. It’s already a year and you have travelled so many places, met many people, endured many troubles. I am sure this must have made you a tough individual.

    Wishing you the best with rest of your journey. Stay safe. Will look forward to your posts.


  94. Keep on Truckin! Awesome stories. Be Safe, be Happy. Happy Anniversary

  95. thank you for allowing us to join in on the adventure, great job! Finish strong.

  96. Dear Mr. Rapp,

    Congrats on your trip. Me and my classmates have been following you for a while now and I was really hoping you could come to Phoenix Middle School to see us. Haha i wasn’t even supposed to write this, But still, coyuld you come??

    From, Mitchell
    Pheonix Middle School, Coulumbus, Ohio

  97. hey nicolas!!!! congratulations on your expedition. its because of people like u that we have big dreamers and strivers. i was actually hoping u would come thru columbus ohio. that way u could visit Phoenix Middle School in worthington. we have been keeping up with your posts and would love 2 have u visit on your way 2 brooklyn. if u can please consider the oppurtunity thank u

  98. go rapp go you can do it your gonna make it and they can’t take it. Also me and my friends at my school love your website and have been following you for a while now and i was wondering if you could make a stop in ohio possibly a sschool called i dunno Phoenix in worthington OH love your work bye!

  99. dude that is awesome. i cant believe that u have been going for a year. good luck.

  100. Oh, I couldn’t stand it! Had to make the comment # go up to 100! This whole experience has been such fun for me. “Traveling” with Nick, seeing the world. Also, this is the first and only ‘blog’ I’ve stepped into to comment on. How will I get through the workday in front of this ole computer when Nick finishes his travels?

  101. Ms. Marti~Nashville, TN

    Yee Ha Everyone!! WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT!!! Come on, Nick has forged on and so can we!! Happy to see everyone is not sittin back on this one!

    Forge on Followers of Nick

  102. First time blogger, long time follower! This is such a momentous occassion that I just have to wish you, Nick a much deserved congratulations. Truly a great and life changing accomplishment. Well done. I have immensely enjoyed “traveling” with you. So much to see and so much to learn about this Earth. And you are doing it all for us. Thank you for sharing..

    Stay Safe and God Speed!

  103. I have followed this expedition since before you left. You are now in the part of the world that I travel to on business. Southern Thailand is one of my favorite places. Vietnam is great. Cambodia, sort of sad….You will be amazed at the roads in China…almost like the US, but less tow trucks (abandoned cars on the interstates). Be safe and keep it up.

  104. It’s been many, many, many…years since middle school but I would love for you to come through Columbus, OH. But am looking at the route you now show checking out the nearest city. Looking forward to your next blog. Take care!

  105. This is my first time commenting, but I just wanted to tell you I’ve been a dedicated follower of your journey since before you left! Thank you for sharing this experience with everyone… just amazing!


  106. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. This is my first comment, but I’ve followed you daily since you left NY. Stay safe and enjoy the journey.

  107. Happy Anniversary Nick! Enjoy the rest of the trip.

    Safe travels


  108. YEAHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOO!!! amazing man, keep the pace!! (first comment hehehehehe, from Venezuela)

  109. You’ve definitely taken the road less traveled and my thanks for taking me on that journey with you. My 2 favorite postings: When you acted like a news truck to get through the barricades in South America and the bumper car Mad Max driving in Bangladesh. Just some incredible stories. Oh and I also love all the pictures, it really gives a sense of what you’re seeing first hand. Thanks again Nick. Let me know if you want to grab a beer when you come through Cali. My treat.

    Newport Beach, CA

  110. Hey Nick Congrats,

    Ive also been following you since the start, and am in albany

    traveling like that is something that I always wanted to do.
    Thanks for the full report and great pictures


  111. Joanne in New Jersey

    Can’t believe it’s been a year already! I truly enjoy following your trip and have my grandchildren following you. I think they already have a broader sense of the world for it.

  112. Happy one year anniversay Nick!

    It has been really nice to read your travel stories. You’ve been a really good inspiration to me and I hope one day I can do what you are doing.

    Keep enjoying your journey!


  113. Congratulations Nicholas!!

    And many thanks for taking us along with you on your adventures, it’s been great.

    Safe travels!!


  114. It’s amazing that a year has passed by already! I remember getting really excited to see you start your trip, and now you are almost finished! What I have be able to read has been truly enjoyable, following your journey, and I hope that I can catch up and read each entry soon! (ever think about a book?!)

    Best of luck on the remainder of your trip, and that Thai food looked really yummy! xx.