Alabama under the rain

Atlanta in the morning
Atlanta in the morning

On the fourth day, I woke up at 6 a.m. to take care of uploading new content to the website and exchange some emails with people I shall see in the upcoming days. I want to take the opportunity to let all of you who sent me an email that most likely I received it, but it will take me some times to answer to everybody. Please be patient, you will hear from me.

Nick and Peter P.
Nick and Peter

The goal for today was to reach Ocean Springs, in Mississippi, where Matt, an early supporter of the trip, will let us park in his driveway and open the tent. Here in Georgia, it is supposed to rain until Thursday, and I hope we will find sun going west.

I want to take care of those brakes, but can’t do it under the rain. So I decided to go one more day along highways before I work on the problem. By the end of the day, we found the sun again.

Between Alabama and Mississippi
Between Alabama and Mississippi

15 Replies to “Alabama under the rain”

  1. This trip is going to be amazing… and I am already following your blog daily. I live in Dallas so if you need a place to crash or anything when you pass through just hit me up. My friend has a car jack and blocks as well, is you need them to work on breaks. Good Luck!

  2. Courious on what is final fix on keeping those brakes from not heating up. Let us know once you figure it out. I’m a big time Old school classic Chevy car and truck Guy. I my self doing a huge project making some shelter out of the rain.(seattle) Cab restore.

  3. good morning world boy, don’t forget and stop in Mike’s/Patrick’s place for some good food.Also when you go into LA stop off and say hi to my cus Joe, his name is the same has mind. Later

  4. Following you daily and wishing you well. Please get those brakes taken care of! I’d hate for something to derail you so early. Be well.

  5. Nick who is we? On the post from yesterday you said “we”. Just curious. Also to Aaron Y, Nick is not coming thru Dallas. He’s going to Houston to San Antonio to Laredo/Neuvo Laredo.
    Nick I’m so envious of this amazing trip and this huge journey you’re undertaking. Best of luck, keep dry, warm and safe.

  6. hey travel boy, whats for lunch? If you didn’t stop at Mike’s/ Patrick’s place you could stop at Jenn’s House of Grits in TX and get their Grits & Beef mmmmmmm good. travel on big boy and be safe

  7. HI Nick! I hope that you are having the time of your life. When you get to Houston, please go and visit Lupe Tortillas. The best mexican food you can find in TX. Maybe you should get to meet some of the people that write you and visit them before you leave the states. BTW, do you have an email for us?

  8. Dear Nicolas:
    I am following your travel expedition around the world. The only thing that I can say is “Good Luck and God Speed!!!!!!”.
    The Mercedes that I bought from you is being painted as I write you now. The engine is worked on and the valves gap is reset. Hopefully I will get the car tomorrow and get the Radio put in on Monday. You keep posting about the progress with your journey and will keep posting about the car.
    Again, Best of Luck and God Bless You.

  9. OH MY GOD!!!! I just found your website and I am amazed at what you are doing. You are an amazing man. To travel around the world like you are doing is unbelievable! I am in complete awe of you. If I wasn’ t a man I would have your baby. No seriously I would. Please please stop by my house so I can feed and bathe you. Do you need a driving partner? (Hitchhiker rules will apply of course 😉 I’m going check your website every day, I hope you will keep us updated daily. Anyway listen man I love what you’re doing so keep on truckin’.

  10. Travel boy better keep eye on that Neely guy, sounds kinda weird, that boy ain’t right. But on a serious note. Put the pedal down where every that nut case is. Remember Jenn’s in TX, great grits and home cook bread. El mexico is next.

  11. hey world boy!

    I think you already passed through kansas, but I want to say I can’t stop reading your blogs! I’m a college student and I have had experience traveling around our great country only. One day I plan to see the world! After I become the great doctor I’m going to school to be! For now I’ll read about your experiences everyday!

    please keep in touch with me!!


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